In ZE … with Zeta we try to reflect our taste for natural fabrics, creating a set of current fabrics, versatile and adaptable to any type of decoration. We emphasize the natural fibres, taking care of the finishes, the dyes and the final appearance of the fabrics. Our proposal includes several collections inspired by natural themes, as well as modern and contemporary motifs. Much of our philosophy is based on a team close to the decorator and stylist.

Come and see more of what this exciting new company from Madrid has to offer, a great new presentation full of freshness, colour, quality and personality. Funny fabrics, natural textures, linen, Chenilles, plain, prints and my beloved geometrics!!! For lovers of interiors with an exciting air “ZE … conzeta” offers us fabrics, with a detail that is so fashionable today. “Ze … conzeta” is now present with the best at Alton-Brooke Ltd.